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welcome to

here you can expect to find loads of streaming RealAudio clips, most taken from either live performances or rare studio recordings. basically anything that you can't buy in the shops.

there'll also be links to where you can buy the music previewed on this site.

top 5 music streams
  • the stone roses - the sun still shines (demo)
  • ian brown - the fisherman / first world / happy birthday
  • the stone roses - fools gold (live @ glasgow green)
  • the seahorses - tombraid (live @ t-in-the-park)
  • the stone roses - elephant stone (live @ manchester international)
take a look around and send me your comments for improvement, also any requests for any other music not currently on the site and i'll do my best to track it down and put it on the site. to take full advantage of this site be sure to:
set your monitor to view in 1024 by 768 pixels
use internet explorer 5.0 or higher (recommended)
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have RealPlayer installed
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